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People flock from all over the world to call Sullivan’s Island South Carolina home. It is a beautiful and secluded area of Charleston with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the South Carolina. Homeowners here often find that their air conditioning units break more often than in other parts of Charleston. The amount of precipitation and salt in the air on Sullivans Island tends to wear the aluminum components of an air conditioner at a faster rate than in other parts of Charleston. In fact, salt corrosion is one of the biggest causes of premature failure and increased operating costs of coastal air conditioners. This costs thousands in increased electric charges and high repair and replacement bills Most air conditioning/heat pump units are designed to last ten to fifteen years. However, salt corrosion can reduce the life of your unit to as little as three or six years. Corrosion occurs from the salt air environment that’s common to coastal areas. The salt air not only corrodes the unit, but also reduces the outside coils’ ability to transfer heat, which seriously reduces the efficiency of the unit. At East Cooper Heating and Air we understand this problem and have developed preventative and reactive procedures to ensure Sullivans Island air conditioning and Charleston air conditioning homeowners get the maximum life out of their unit. For instance, we recommend and use only specific products that are geared toward prevention of salt corrosion when working on Sullivans Island air conditioners. Also, we provide our homeowners and business owners with specific preventative maintenance agreements that are geared toward the prevention and reduction of harmful air and salts on the air conditioning unit. If you are interested in an air conditioner for coastal property (home or business), please contact us to discuss your concerns and let us provide you with solutions.

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