Restaurant Outdoor Walk-In Freezer Repair Charleston, SC

This restaurant/bakery was in need of some Walk-In Freezer repair and needed it completed fast. There was plenty of perishable food in the freezer. When we arrived on site the indoor component (coil) was frozen over completely. Thick layer of ice surrounded the entire coil. After a few minutes of diagnosing what is causing the unit to freeze over, it was determined the circuit board and defrost sensor were not coming on. After an hour of defrosting the unit with a Heat Gun, we replaced a blown fuse in the circuit board and powered up the unit. The fans kicked on, but the compressor was just humming. The compressor would not kick over to turn on and "cool" the unit. Who knows how long the unit was operating frozen over. It could have affected the compressor and since it wasn't coming on this could be catastrophic to this kitchen inventory. However, before we could consider the compressor blown, we tested the capacitors and determined the run capacitor had gone. After replacing the run capacitor, we plugged the disconnect power back in and powered the unit up! Thankfully the unit was cooling to set temperature within 90 minutes and no food was spoiled/ no product (money) lost. East Cooper Heating and Air was able to diagnose the issues with the frozen unit, defrost the unit, replace blown fuse, replace diagnose capacitor issue, and get the system up and running.

Location: Charleston, SC

Service Type: Commercial AC

Walk-In Freezer Repair Before/After

Restaurant Outdoor Walk-In Freezer Repair 1

Restaurant Outdoor Walk-In Freezer Repair 2

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