Rooftop HVAC System Replacement Historic Charleston, SC

East Cooper Heating & Air received a call to provide a quote for 4 rooftop HVAC units in the Historic District of downtown Charleston-- in an 19th century home (1860). There were 3 other companies bidding for the job. East Cooper Heating and Air was awarded the job. Given the complexity of the installation due to the incredibly narrow passage ways surrounding the home, the job required some ingenuity. After contacting the crane company, it was determined this job was not suitable for a crane. With the historic district you commonly find bluestone at the ground surrounding homes, so this installation was best handled by laying down several 8'x4' sheets of 3/4" plywood. The job is to not only install Air Conditioning Systems, but to do it while maintaining the integrity of the customer's property. With the plywood sheets down, they used a duct jack and scissor lift to remove the existing rooftop HVAC units. After the removal, it was time to get the new units on the roof. They used the lift to get the 4 systems on the roof of this 19th century home. After wiring all the units accordingly, it was time to perform the start up. All 4 units went on successfully, then it was time to install the new thermostats. After changing out the thermostats, they cleaned up was underway (removal of all equipment, material and supplies). They used their blower to clear off the patio leaving it the same as when they arrived. This installation was challenging, but they were able to complete it affordably, safely and respectfully for the home owner.

Location: Historic Charleston, SC

Brands: Heil

Service Type: HVAC Installation

Rooftop HVAC System Changeout Before/After

Rooftop HVAC System Replacement

Rooftop HVAC System Removal

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