Full System Replacement Mount Pleasant, SC

The homeowner of this Mt. Pleasant home called East Cooper Heating and Air with a " no cool / no heat" problem. During the diagnosis it was determined the refrigerant on the original 2009 HVAC system had leaked out completely. There was a pin hole leak at the reversing valve, which caused the refrigerant to leak over time. The reversing valve is a component of Split Heat Pump HVAC systems, that allows your HVAC system to switch from cool to hear and vice versa. We had recommended a leak repair, but the homeowner had chosen to replace with a new system. The homeowner preferred a specific brand, so they went with Goodman 3-ton 14 SEER Split Heat Pump System.

The installation was very straight forward. We arrived on-site at 9am to begin the tear out of the old equipment. Access to the attic was above the garage. Plenty of attic space both width and height. The Air Handler was a "horizontal" style. This style allowed a bit more space and ease during the installation for accessing the return air duct and the supply duct at adjacent ends of the Air Handler. After some soldering, wiring, and drain pipes on the Air Handler, it was time to wire up and solder the outdoor condensing unit. Once those were taken care of with the condensing unit, it was onto pulling a vacuum and installing the new thermostat. East Cooper was complete with the project at 230pm. Love when we can help a customer and not interfere with their schedule.

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC

Brands: Goodman

Service Type: AC Replacement

HVAC 3 System Changeout Before/After

New Goodwin HVAC System

HVAC System Leak

Old HVAC System

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