Relocation of HVAC System Charleston, SC

New owners of this Charleston home were excited to move in and make the home "theirs." On day 1, after the kids were asleep, it was time for the parents to sleep. As they lay their heads down to relax, they heard the humming of the Air Conditioning unit outside their bedroom. It was unbearable. The home owners called East Cooper Heating and Air. After a consultation, we recommended moving the HVAC unit to an open space aside the home. The relocation required little material/labor. Material/Supplies: 17 ft of copper, thermostat wire, and electrical for power. After recovering the refrigeration (410A), it was time to cut power and disconnect all connection points.

The HVAC system was ready to be moved. Once the HVAC system was relocated, it was time to reconnect connection points and release refrigerant back into the HVAC system. Upon completion, a diagnosis was performed to assure pressures and connections were perfect. The job was complete. The project took less than 5 hours. The new homeowners could sleep at night without hearing humming from their HVAC system. We were able to save the customer money by recovering the refrigerant and we were able to create a more comfortable sleeping experience. Lastly, because the HVAC system was moved, it freed up some space in the backyard. The homeowners were able to build a patio that included the original space where the HVAC system was. Talk about a win/win.

If you are interested in relocating your HVAC system due to noise/aesthetics, call your trusted Heating and Air Conditioning professionals at East Cooper Heating and Air: 843-375-6592.

Location: Charlston, SC

Service Type: AC Installation

Relocation of AC System Before/After

HVAC 3 System Changeout Before After

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