Air Handler Replacement in Charleston, SC

Hot weather and high humidity in Charleston can be brutal. If your Air Conditioning system has not been performing to your satisfaction, there could be a reason why. Call East Cooper Heating and Air to handle a diagnosis on your HVAC system. Maybe your system is low on refrigerant caused by a small leak? Maybe the ductwork is not as perfect as it used to be? Maybe your system is just past its prime? Maybe you just need a filter change. Whatever the case is, suffering through another hot summer with the same HVAC issues is not necessary. The average expectancy life from HVAC units is not what I used to be. Currently the average lifespan is around 8-11 years for residential applications. Sometimes the location of your indoor unit (Air Handler or Furnace) is in difficult places. With the help of some good tools, the right people, and a little time, we can make that difficult location seem easy. This attached picture gives you a good idea of how we can use our tools to make a difficult installation, a lot easier. Give our HVAC company a call to help kick start your summer in the right place. We can service and install all brands.

Location: South Carolina

Brands: Mitsubishi

Service Type: Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Handler Replacement in Charleston, SC by East Cooper Heating & Air

Air Handler Replacement in Charleston, SC

If you are in need of HVAC system replacement, then please call 843-375-6592 or complete our online request form.

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