Full HVAC System Replacement - 2-Ton Split Heat Pump Mount Pleasant, SC

East Cooper has been servicing a variety local apartment complexes for their Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Heating needs. We were called for a Full System Replacement on this unit. This Property Management complex prefers replacing existing system with new equipment provided by the brand HEIL. When we service apartment complexes, it's imperative to spec the size equipment, as space is usually limited. Thankfully, our manufacturer provides us with "apartment style" fan coil (air handler) that has a smaller cabinet than its regular counterpart. As illustrated in some of our other projects, following a specific routine during an installation is critical to the success of the project. First thing first, we work with the Property Manager and Tenant to gain access to the residence. Taking safety precautions such as turning off power at the electrical panel and pulling all relative electrical disconnects. Once power has been properly turned off, it's time to begin the extraction/demolition of the old equipment. Cutting low voltage, high voltage and disconnecting equipment from the copper tubing. After completing the disconnection of both the Air Handler and outdoor Condensing Unit, it is time to set the new equipment. After wiring, soldering, and pulling a vacuum, the start was a success. Both customers are satisfied: the Tenant and The Property Management Company.

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC

Brands: Heil

Service Type: AC Installation

HVAC 3 System Changeout Before/After

Full HVAC System Replacement - 2-Ton Split Heat Pump

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