Ductwork Modification Mount Pleasant, SC

In this Charleston (Mount Pleasant) commercial application, the customer wanted to augment the look of the ductwork to resemble a more natural outdoor type setting. The customer previously had a drop ceiling in the commercial space, which was then removed to become an exposed ceiling where all ductwork was visible. The "flex-duct", shiny like tin-foil, was not esthetically pleasing in the newly exposed ceiling. With the goal in mind of making a more natural look less crowded look, the team at East Cooper Heating and Air recommended removing excess flex duct runs and adding elbows and diffusers. First, removing the "flex-duct," eliminated the shiny fabricated look. With less ductwork, the space felt bigger and less clustered. Secondly, adding the elbows and diffusers, provided a simple unique look while providing the proper airflow needed for the space. The outcome provides a clean look with a more efficient Air Conditioning and Heating functionality compared to the previous ductwork. In addition, the metal elbows (piping) will endure less wear and tear than the traditional flex-duct work, thus providing longer lifespan. If your residence or business is in need of ductwork repairs or modification, call East Cooper Heating and Air at 843-375-6592, your experienced Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ductwork Charleston professionals.

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC

Service Type: HVAC Installation

Ductwork Modification Photos

Ductwork Modification 1

Ductwork Modification 2

Ductwork Modification 3

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