Air Conditioning Not Working Troubleshooting and Rewire Charleston, SC

East Cooper Heating & Air completed an AC Troubleshooting and Rewire project. A new multi property condo-rental complex had opened on a local beach island outside Charleston. Brand NEW places with brand new Air Conditioning Equipment not even 1 year old. The Property Management team has been surprised by the construction/installation teams errors as the buildings finally are opened and being occupied. In this specific instance, we were called out to examine a Condo with no air conditioning for 1 of their units. The condo had 3 Split Heat Pump Systems. Condensing Units on the roof of the building with 3 Air Handlers in the ceiling of the condo. We isolated the 1 Split Heat pump that was experiencing problems and began to diagnose the unit at the Air Handler. After running a few tests, we had determined their was a low voltage short that was not allowing the reversing valve to engage (reversing valve allows a heat pump to switch from Heat to Cool and vice versa). We checked the Thermostat and then made our way to the rooftop unit to see if the low voltage issue was consistent at the condensing unit. Strangely, as we got to the roof, the low voltage had all the power it needed. We then determined that the low voltage we were assessing was actually wired incorrectly to the WRONG air conditioning unit! After further inspection of the 3 Systems, it was determined that 2 of the 3 had their Thermostat Wires wired to the incorrect rooftop condensing unit. Confirmation of this diagnosis came when 1 person was at the Thermostats and 1 person on the roof at the condensing units. Rewired and Problem Solved.

Location: Charleston, SC

Brands: Heil

Service Type: AC Repair

HVAC 3 System Changeout Before/After

Air Conditioning Not Working Troubleshooting and Rewire Charleston, SC

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