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Located near the South Carolina coast, James Island is a beautiful community full of rich history and culture. It boasts a great climate that is often consumed in with an ocean breeze. For air conditioning companies in James Island, it is important to understand not only the town and the culture, but the unique climate and air that effects the operations of air conditioners. One of the major concerns with ocean air is the effect it has on crucial parts located in you air conditioner.

Naturally occurring conditions such as wind and hail from storms and erosion from sand blown in from the beach are contributing factors to the erosion of your air conditioner. But the exposure to salt air in coastal Charleston and James Island is by far the most destructive component to coils.

The growing population in James Island, combined with the warmer climate, creates a high demand for air conditioning equipment.

Standard materials of construction for condenser coils is aluminum. The most susceptible component of the coil affected by salt air, or fog as it is sometimes referred to, is the aluminum. It is important to have your air conditioner regularly checked for erosion from salt air to avoid major costs of air conditioner replacements or repairs.

At East Cooper Heating and Air we highly recommend an air conditioning maintenance agreement for James Island businesses and residents. This is the most proactive way to avoid major costs in the future. For any James Island air conditioning needs, call us today!


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