Ways to Stay Cool This Summer in Charleston, SC

Ways To Stay CoolThere is so much to love about living in the Lowcountry, surrounded by natural beauty, rich history, an array of events and savory cuisine. As public gatherings and events are off the table for the safety of the community, we are united in our resolve to combat COVID-19. Staying indoors and away from crowds to help lower the risk of infection is critical. Keeping cool and feeling comfortable in the summertime can be challenging as temperatures soar and humidity rises. In today’s post, we’re covering the dangers posed by high temperatures and sharing a handful of ways to stay cool this summer.

Risks of High Temperatures

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that heat-related illnesses, injuries and death are a reality for some faced with hot weather. In fact, more than 600 lives are lost due to heat-related deaths and illnesses each year. Death from extreme heat is preventable when we take precautions and check on those at risk, especially those who are 65 years and older.

The Basics of Staying Cool Indoors

As a part of their guide to Heat Illness, Insider reports “air-conditioning is the best protective factor against heat-related illness and death.” The CDC also recommends staying in air-conditioned locations whenever possible. Additional strategies to stay cool when temperatures are rising outside (via CDC):

  • Stay hydrated even when you aren’t thirsty
  • Limit outdoor activities
  • Reach for lightweight clothing in light colors and use sunscreen
  • Cool showers or baths may help you find relief
  • Refer to the local news for health and safety information

Without Air Conditioning?

Should you find yourself without air conditioning, please make a friend or family member aware of your situation. Reach out to East Cooper Heating and Air in Charleston SC or in surrounding areas to discuss servicing your AC unit. Ideally, a repair or tune-up will bring cooler air indoors once again. If a new unit is required, our professional team are experts in proper installation, saving you the headache of capacity, efficiency and airflow problems down the road (mention your child’s school during a system replacement and 10% of the total sale goes directly back to their school). In the meantime, find a cool place to stay (one with air conditioning) and limit the amount of sunlight coming into your home. Lower the blinds, close the curtains and turn on available fans.

Design a Menu Around Cooling Foods

A variety of foods have naturally cooling properties, a welcome sensation during warm days and nights. Clean Eating magazine highlights some cooling favorites; cooling vegetables include cucumbers, radishes, celery, zucchini, squash, broccoli and asparagus. For cooling fruits, think strawberries, papaya, pineapple, mangoes, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, pears, apples and bananas. Experiment with fruit-infused water and toss in a sprig of mint to complete your cooling beverage (see their website for recipe ideas and more tips).

We’re Here to Help

The East Cooper Heating and Air team in Charleston SC and surrounding areas is committed to its employees, customers and communities. We are taking proper measures to ensure the safety of our team members and our customers. Let’s work together to keep you and your family cool this summer. Contact our Charleston SC HVAC company today to get started.

More Tips on Air Conditioning

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