Improve Air Quality With Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners

Ensuring the air inside your home or business is clean has never been more important. Although no solution provides 100 percent protection, Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners do a great job of eliminating germs, bacteria, mold, algi, mildew and contaminants from the air. With many Charleston SC residents working from home and countless families opting for online classes or homeschooling options, clean air plays a big role in healthy living at home.

Why Clean Air in the Home Matters

Kenneth Mendez, CEO and president of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) says: “We take about 20,000 breaths each day and spend 90% of our time indoors.” Mendez also emphasizes the importance of reducing exposure to allergy and asthma triggers in the home. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports: “The most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate individual sources of pollution or to reduce their emissions.” This is described as “source control,” other methods they suggest are improving ventilation and investing in a quality air cleaner.

Pollutants: The Culprits

AAFA provides a list of indoor air pollutants, such as:
● Dust
● Pet dander
● Mold
● Dust mites
● Particles from furnaces, wood-burning fires and candles
● Cooking
● Chemicals released by new floors and furniture
● High VOC cleaning products

AAFA has created a list of asthma and allergy friendly certified products from air filters to bedding, cleaning products, flooring and more for those who may benefit from switching to healthier options.

A Modern Solution

The team at East Cooper Heating and Air Charleston SC can install Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners to your existing HVAC system, killing off airborne illness causing organisms and providing your family with much-needed relief from allergens. For even more air cleaning power, we suggest adding an ionizer. This enhancement gives outgoing air an electromagnetic charge, allowing it to bond more efficiently with other air particles and making for an easier air filter capture. Out Charleston SC HVAC company has experts ready to help you improve the air quality in your home.

What Does The Research Say About Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners?

With properly designed Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners, the United States Environmental Protection Agency found “ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) cleaners that use ultraviolet radiation from UV lamps may destroy indoor biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, and some molds that are growing on the moist interiors of HVAC surfaces (e.g., cooling coils, drain pans, or ductwork).”

The Indoor Air Quality Scientific Findings Resource Bank (IAQ-SFRB) echoes these findings, stating HVAC Ultraviolet (UV) Germicidal Lights systems “irradiate the small airborne particles containing microorganisms as the air flows through the ducts.” IAQ-SFRB goes on to report “irradiating the cooling coils and drain pans can dramatically reduce mold and bacteria growth on the often wet surfaces of cooling coils and drain pans, or destroy the microbial films that previously accumulated on the irradiated surfaces.”

We’re Here to Help

The East Cooper Heating and Air Charleston SC team is committed to its employees, customers and communities. We are taking proper measures to ensure the safety of our team members and our customers. Let’s work together to keep you and your family comfortable. Contact us today to get started.

If you’re looking for a Charleston SC heating and air professional that specializes in Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners, give us a call today at (843) 375-6592 or fill out our online request form. The experts at our Charleston SC HVAC company will be happy to assist you!0

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