Troubleshooting The Air Conditioner Outside

If you have an air conditioner outside of your property it is most likely the condenser unit. A condenser works by condensing substance from its gaseous state to a liquid state through cooling. A condenser unit typically has a heat exchanger to condense the incoming refrigerant and a compressor to raise the pressure. A fan then blows the outside air over the heat exchanger to cool the refrigerant inside.

What to do if your air conditioner outside stops working:

First, be sure your thermostat is turned on to either the “cool” or “heat” mode and the temperature is different than your current state.
Second, inspect your outside air conditioner for debris such as leaves, ice, trash…etc. If it has debris on it, carefully remove all the debris and be sure your unit is off.

Third, if your condenser still doesn’t turn on, call a certified HVAC professional like us to inspect your air conditioner for problems and diagnose the issue.

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