Smart Thermostat FAQs and Holiday Travel: Charleston, SC

For many families, holiday festivities in the Lowcountry include their favorite holiday lights show, joining in on the holiday parade of boats or attending a Christmas Candlelight Tour. Perhaps you have plans to travel over the course of the month, whether for a few days or longer. Making preparations to spend time away from home entails more than packing a suitcase or getting your vehicle ready for the road. You also want to ensure your home is in good shape so that everything is in order when you return home. In today’s post, we’re sharing seasonal tips and answering a handful of smart thermostat FAQs.

Before You Travel

We’ll cover smart thermostat specifics far below; here are a few suggestions from USA TODAY regarding home prep prior to travel:
● Be selective with what stays plugged in (TV, lamps, etc.) except for the refrigerator and freezer
● Your heat should stay on (determine what temperature is best for your region)
● The water supply should be turned off (pipes should be drained)
● Consider installing a water-flow sensor and low-temperature sensor
● Gas lines should be shut off unless your heat and hot water furnace reply on gas (notify the company you’ll be traveling and inquire about recommended procedures)
● Secure loose/freestanding objects in your yard or put them away

Smart Thermostat FAQS

Which smart thermostat is best?

In a recent New York Times article, Jennifer Pattison Tuohy describes the ideal smart thermostat: “A smart thermostat does the thinking you don’t want to do. It can learn your schedule, turn itself down when nobody is home, and balance temperatures around your home to make you comfier while using less energy (talk about win-win).” No surprise here, Tuohy recommends the Nest Thermostat. We agree and are proud to help Charleston residents save energy and money thanks to the Nest Learning Thermostat.

How does the Nest Learning Thermostat work?

Their website states: “The Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adapts as your life and the seasons change. Just use it for a week and it programs itself.” This thermostat learns your schedule and programs itself to adjust temperatures when you’re not home. What’s more, the Energy History and Home Reports help you understand your energy usage patterns and reduce your usage.

Is there a Nest ‘away’ or ‘vacation’ mode?

There’s no need to adjust your Nest every time you leave home; however, if you’re planning to be away due to travel, your Nest has a few helpful features:
● Manually setting your thermostat Eco Temperatures (our recommendation)
● Setting it to Off mode (not ideal)
● Turning off the power to your system (we prefer you set eco temperatures)

How can I help to prevent pipes from freezing during winter lows with my Nest?

Though we don’t see temperatures as frigid as other regions of the U.S., be mindful of the low settings in your Nest Eco Temperatures to prevent pipes from freezing.

We’re Here to Help

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