Summers in Charleston: Signs Your AC System Needs Attention

signs-your-a-c-system-needs-attentionAlthough Lowcountry summers are often described as “hot and humid,” we are blessed to live in a region where natural beauty abounds. Lazy summer days are often spent soaking in the sun on one of our many beaches, losing track of time exploring historic neighborhoods complete with their cobblestone streets or treating the family to a rainbow of gelato. Even as our new normal changes (social distancing, face masks and more), we have plenty of opportunities to make memories and appreciate life’s simple pleasures from our front porches or backyard pools.

One thing is for sure: a well-functioning air conditioning system is essential to staying comfortable in the summertime. Certainly, you’ll know when your system goes out (you’ll notice the temperature inside your home is climbing even after you have lowered the thermostat), but are there other issues that may point to trouble down the road? Keep reading for our list of signs your AC system needs your attention.

Inconsistent Air Flow

If you notice some areas of your home consistently cool better than others, this could mean there is trouble with your HVAC system. A common problem our team sees is improper installation, whether with the ductwork or a unit that is not the right match for the home’s square footage. In Supply House Times, Jim Wheeler writes, “In an effort to cut installation costs, the once-common practice of installing returns in every room has largely been abandoned in even multimillion-dollar homes! And this is done at the expense of comfort.” Weak air flow could also be the result of dirty air filters, closed vents or may point to a mechanical issue with your compressor or system.

Improper Drainage recommends homeowners check the condensate drain, especially when it’s warm outside, to ensure it is draining well. This is an issue with room air conditioners as well when they are not mounted properly. Our team of professionals is equipped to handle any AC system issue, including those related to the condensate drain. A repair is in order or you’ll risk mold, mildew or worse.

Leaking Refrigerant also cautions homeowners about refrigerant leaks: “If your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, either it was undercharged at installation or it leaks.” The solution, however, is not to tackle the issue yourself. They advise working with a trained technician to repair the leak, test their work and charge the system.

Unusual Sounds

American Home Shield provides a list of sounds an AC system may make when a repair is needed, such as banging, clanking, clicking, buzzing, squealing and more. Many indicate a loose or broken part or something being out of balance.

Unusual Increase in Electric Bill

Caitlin Byrd for The State reports that a recent study found “South Carolina households spent more on electric bills than any other state.” One factor in the higher cost is the use of both heating and cooling during the year. If you notice a large increase in your electric bill, your system may need inspecting.

Rely on East Cooper Heating and Air

At East Cooper Heating and Air Charleston SC, each of our technicians are fully licensed and insured. What’s more, they each hold over fifteen years of experience. Here’s a snapshot of our AC repair process and of the services our Charleston SC HVAC company offers:

  • Diagnose and show the homeowner the problem
  • Get approval to fix the problem
  • Make the repair
  • Complete another diagnosis to ensure the problem has been fixed
  • Document the work completed
  • Collect payment
  • Email a copy of receipt

We’re Here to Help

The East Cooper Heating and Air Charleston SC team is committed to its employees, customers and communities. We are taking proper measures to ensure the safety of our team members and our customers. Let’s work together to keep you and your family comfortable this summer. Contact us today to get started on your AC repair.

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