It’s Semi-Annual Maintenance Time for Your HVAC System

The signs of fall are emerging, and though some may feel a little out of place (pumpkin spice lattes and fall decorations in August), autumn’s official arrival is September 22 this year. Even in these uncertain times, calendars are filling up as you weather hurricane season while juggling work and family obligations. You may remember… Read More

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Nest Thermostat Installation in Charleston, SC: Why Upgrade

As an energy conscious consumer, you have made a variety of lifestyle changes with the planet in mind. From energy efficient appliances to LED or CFL light bulbs, unplugging electronics when not in use and ensuring adequate insulation and ventilation throughout your home, small changes make a difference. If you’re looking for a swap that… Read More

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Summers in Charleston: Signs Your AC System Needs Attention

Although Lowcountry summers are often described as “hot and humid,” we are blessed to live in a region where natural beauty abounds. Lazy summer days are often spent soaking in the sun on one of our many beaches, losing track of time exploring historic neighborhoods complete with their cobblestone streets or treating the family to… Read More

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“Should I Turn Off My A/C System Before Traveling?” Answered

As we continue the battle against COVID-19, staying close to home is the goal. We’re writing today’s post for those who must travel for any number of reasons outside of their control. Perhaps you will be helping a son or daughter relocate as they transition to college life, have an out-of-town work training you’re required… Read More

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Hurricane Season: Prepping Your HVAC System in Charleston, SC

2020 has been an unparalleled year around the world. As we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19, taking extra precautions for our loved ones and neighbors, preparations for hurricane season may have understandably drifted out of focus. For our friends in the Lowcountry, we encourage you to remember the dangers of tropical cyclones,… Read More

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Increase the Quality of Indoor Air with Air Cleaners

In a recent post, we discussed a host of factors that may contribute to lower indoor air quality and ways to boost the quality of your home’s air. Our goal of providing our community with cleaner, healthier air remains on our minds and in our hearts as we come together to combat COVID-19. Before the… Read More

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Ways to Stay Cool This Summer in Charleston, SC

There is so much to love about living in the Lowcountry, surrounded by natural beauty, rich history, an array of events and savory cuisine. As public gatherings and events are off the table for the safety of the community, we are united in our resolve to combat COVID-19. Staying indoors and away from crowds to… Read More

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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Duct Cleaning

As Americans spend more time at home to help minimize the spread of COVID-19, the quality of the air indoors can lead to a restorative experience or one that is bothersome and potentially dangerous. This is especially true when the occupants suffer from allergies or asthma, are young children or senior citizens. The National Human… Read More

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3 Good Reasons To Get A Heating Tune Up

Now that summer has come to an end, more and more homeowners are going to be switching off their air conditioning systems and switching on their heating systems. With fall finally here, it’s important to make sure that you aren’t neglecting any areas of your home that could benefit from a bit of attention, and… Read More

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4 Common Boiler Problems to Look Out For

Summerville homeowners are never pleased to discover that their boilers are malfunctioning, especially during the cold winter months. If this situation occurs in your home, don’t wait to contact a reputable Charleston SC HVAC contractor for boiler repairs or maintenance, especially if you’re uncertain about the severity of the complication. Boiler Switching Off Many malfunctions… Read More

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