Mount Pleasant Air Conditioning Repair

While air conditioning sales as a whole were up in Mount Pleasant in 2013, the industry continues to see a lot of owners who are electing to replace parts and continuing to service and repair their air conditioning units. Many owners in Mount Pleasant are trying to get optimal efficiency and life out of their air conditioning unit and has begun to slow down in 2014. One reason for the slight increase in owners buying new air conditioning units in Mount Pleasant is due to the slow incline in economic status we have seen throughout the country. Though the economy is nowhere near where we would like it to be, it has surely changed since the lows of 2007 and 2008. In our experience with owners, we always give them the option to make Mount Pleasant air conditioning repairs and replacement. This way owners are fully educated about their financial investment in their unit. When evaluating whether to make a repair or to replace the air conditioning unit:

1. Identify the age of the unit- If the air conditioning unit is 10 years or older, it is likely reaching the end of its useful life.

2. Understand the cost of your repair- If you were to repair a part for $1,500 on a 7-year-old system, consider replacing the system for a few thousand dollars more and extending the life of your air conditioning.

3. Identify what caused your repair- Our technicians always document what the probable causes were of the air conditioning repair call. We use pictures and state of the art technology to walk homeowners through the repair process.

4. Calculate the future savings of a new air conditioning unit- Talk to the technician about the options your property has for an air conditioning unit that has a premium SEER rating and the tax incentives you receive for buying one. Typical SEER ratings are around 13 and most rebates are begin around 15.

5. Make sure your unit isn’t under warranty- If your system is less than 5 years old and was installed by a certified mechanical contractor such as us, it should come with at least a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on major parts (such as the compressor). If a major part needs repair, our technician will always check the warranty on the part and inform the owners.

6. If you need air conditioning repair in Mount Pleasant, call us! Our HVAC professionals in Mt Pleasant will be happy to help you with air conditioning installation, repairs, and maintenance.

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