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Reasons You Want Mini-Split Air Conditioning In James Island

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As professional Charleston air conditioning contractors, our professionals at East Cooper Heating and Air have helped many homeowners and small commercial business owners with air conditioning conversions, replacements, and new installations and would like to give you some information to help you understand why a mini-split air conditioning unit is the best options in many cases.

Homeowners and small business owners in James Island and around the country are becoming very interested in mini-split air conditioning systems -and here’s why…

Mini-Split Single Zone & Multi-Zone Air Conditioning Options

Whether you are only needing to cool one room or your entire James Island space, the mini-split air conditioning systems come in options.  They are perfect for adding on the home to cool the new space as well as installing as a whole home air conditioning system.  Mini-split air conditioning equipment can be installed for light commercial or residential use.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Takes Less Space

The ductless mini-split air conditioning equipment has a smaller profile and no ductwork.  This means your ceiling cavities and attic space don’t have to be encumbered by machinery or ducts.  If adding onto the home or installing new, you’ll be glad to have the space for other things, and you’ll love how attractive these systems are.  You’ll have no ugly, loud equipment to deal with on your James Island property with the ductless mini-split air conditioning system..

Mini-Split Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency

Since the mini-split air conditioning system doesn’t require as much energy to run as a regular James Island split system, energy savings is a primary factor to choose one.  Your mini-split air conditioning equipment is quiet as well, and easy to control.  Energy efficiency on James Island is important due to our hot, humid climate where our air conditioning systems can run for months on end.  Converting to a mini-split air conditioning system, or installing one in a new home or small business space is the ideal way to effectively cool at the best energy efficiency.

Today’s Mini-Split Air Conditioners Are Powerful

Today’s mini-split air conditioning manufacturers have solved the technology needs to make powerful cooling equipment.  Your James Island home won’t lack comfortable, cool air if you choose this option.  The layout design does need to be handled by a professional air conditioning installation company, just as any other system would, and it needs to be done right.

Mini-Split Air Conditioning & Heat Pump

Mini-split air conditioning equipment can serve your heating needs as well.  The heat pump equipment is part of the unit and efficiently heats your James Island home.

Attractive Mini-Split Air Conditioners

You no longer have to think about a huge, loud hotel room wall air conditioner when you think about a mini-split ductless air conditioner.  Today, you have great looking cooling equipment that far outshines the ductless air conditioners of the past.  And, they look much better than any regular cooling equipment as well. Whether your James Island home would be better served with a ceiling mini-split air conditioner or wall, you’ll have great options that fit right in with the aesthetics of your home. Contact East Cooper Heating and Air to get help with all your heating and cooling needs in South Carolina.

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