Heat Pumps And How They Work To Heat The Charleston Home

Charleston heat pump installation and heat pump repairsIf you’re like most people, it takes a little explaining before you know what we mean when we talk about a heat pump. What seems to be the most confusing part for customers is how heat pumps can actually collect warm air from freezing cold temperatures and bring it into the home, which also brings up the question of how that air gets inside when there are no obvious large vents with a fan blowing it directly in.

In fact, the whole HVAC system can get confusing when you have a unit outdoors and one indoors and no obvious connection between the two except for a thin copper tube that may be connected…or not?

Heat Pumps And Heat Transference

First off, the heat pump name can be a little misleading. The warm air isn’t pumped into the home at all. Instead, a copper tube filled with a highly pressurized refrigerant is led between the outdoor and indoor air units and as it passes between the two places, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the cold air and passes to the inside unit where it’s blown through your duct work.

Today, you can get all types of heat pump systems that are hybrid or operate in different ways. And many have a number of advanced features and innovations designed to improve the performance of the heat pump. There are a lot of factors involved in determining what system is best for your home including square footage, climate, heating source, and more.

There is no easy and quick answer to how Charleston heat pumps work, though everyone tries. Your heat pump is an extremely complicated system. Asking how things work in some ways is akin to having a rocket scientist try to simply explain the functioning fuel system on a missile. There are physics involved and complex mechanical principles that we learn as we gain our education in the HVAC field.

But our Charleston SC HVAC experts always try to help our customers understand how their particular heating system works, which can even vary from household to household, making it all that much more difficult!

Heat Pump Repairs & Installations You Can Count On

With all this, you need a heating contractor you can trust to give you honest advice and not just tell you what they want to in order to get you to spend more. At East Cooper Heating and Air Charleston SC, you can trust our professionals to give you information that honest and straight forward.

Give us a call if you have questions about your heat pump or if you have reason to believe your heater could be doing better, our Charleston SC HVAC company at East Cooper Heating and Air can figure out what’s going on and help you with the proper repairs, changes, or upgrades.

More Tips on Heat Pump Repairs

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