Common Furnace Problems and Repair Solutions

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During the winter, your family relies on your Charleston residence’s furnace to supply the heat and comfort that your family has come to expect and deserve. Unfortunately, living in the South, furnaces do not operate for large portions of the year, so when they resume use after inactivity, they are prone to problems. If these problems are not identified, they can result in your family losing heat when you need it most.

The furnace repair experts at East Cooper Heating and Air have the knowledge and skill to inspect and repair your heat systems. Through routine check-ups and maintenance, their furnace repair team can help ensure that your family weathers the Charleston winter warm and comfortably.

In between inspections, it is important for homeowners to understand how their furnaces work and to be able to identify warning signs that their furnaces may break down. By understanding the following with the help of the heating specialists at East Cooper Heating & Air, you can feel confident that your furnace will run effectively and be repaired quickly and easily.

How Your Furnace Works

In general, all furnaces operate in the following fashion. They bring in cold air. The air is cleaned before heating by going through a filter. The air is then heated, generally by a gas burner or a steel heat exchanger. The hot air then moves throughout your home via your home’s ductwork. As the air cools, it returns to the furnace and the cycle repeats. Heating problems can occur at all stages of this cycle.

Common Furnace Issues and Solutions

A number of problems can cause your furnace to produce no heat at all. A malfunction with your thermostat, pilot light, electricity source, or electric ignition system all can be the source of your furnace’s problem. A licensed furnace repair specialist can quickly identify and repair these problems.

There are many solutions to a furnace being completely inoperative. The experts at East Cooper Heating and Air can clean the contacts of your thermostat, repair your pilot light, or troubleshoot your hot surface or intermittent pilot ignition systems to repair your furnace. Our SC HVAC company offers furnace repairs in Mount Pleasant, Charleston, and other areas of South Carolina.

Oftentimes a furnace will operate, but it will either produce insufficient heat or it will shut off intermittently.

Common causes of these problems include:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Faulty gas burners
  • Air flow obstructions
  • Blower motor problems
  • Heat anticipator malfunctions

These problems usually result from poor maintenance of the furnace or long periods of nonuse. The best way to prevent this spotty furnace operation is to have a routine inspection of your heating system conducted before the cold season. The furnace inspection and repair professionals at East Cooper Heating and Air Charleston SC can recognize these signs of wear and tear and rectify them so that your family will enjoy safe, reliable heat all winter long.

More Tips on Furnace Repairs

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