What’s Causing Your Air Conditioning Problems In Charleston?

Air Conditioning Repair in Charleston South CarolinaHere in Charleston, SC, the summer weather not only gets hot, we get plenty of humidity along with it. That makes for some hot, muggy days you want to avoid spending too much time out in. We head for the indoors during this type of weather so we can enjoy the cool air from our air conditioners.

As this warm season has now entered the picture, you’re likely going to want to schedule a tune up for your air conditioner because the longer you let your air conditioner sit during winter, the more likely it is to have problems when you first need to use it.

There are several causes for air conditioning problems, and one of which is not getting the tune up done before you use the system for the season. But there are other common problems as well.

Air Conditioner Parts Failure

To put it simply, any of the hundreds of parts in your Charleston air conditioning system can break. They may first become weakened and when forced to continue running will fail. Once a part fails, other parts of your system may be forced to continue running which means other parts will also fail. It can be like a domino effect and on older units will mean much sooner replacement for the entire system.

Lack of Air Conditioner Maintenance

As time passes, the air conditioner probably sees a lot of neglect which is common because most homeowners don’t know they have to be regularly tuned up and maintained. Which is too bad because if they had been properly maintained, the unit wouldn’t have broken down years before its time. Letting the system cycle over and over when the parts are dirty, need lubrication, and are weakened means certain eventual failure and need for replacement.

Thermostat Trouble

The thermostat controls the HVAC system in your home. And yes, they can be causing problems. From dead batteries to a sensor that isn’t calibrated correctly, you may have several issues going on with the thermostat. If it’s been a while since you’ve had yours checked, you should have yours inspected.

You may also want to consider an upgrade which isn’t very expensive. You can get a great smart thermostat with remote access so you can monitor and adjust it from your smart phone or computer no matter where you are. These thermostats give you better energy control and help you to save money on your energy bill.

Any time you have an air conditioning problem, you can count on our repair technicians here at East Cooper Heating and Air. We provide professional, licensed repairs on all makes and models of air conditioners. From low refrigerant levels to entire systems replacements, our Charleston SC HVAC experts can handle all your HVAC needs.

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