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AC Installation, AC Maintenance & AC Repair Charleston SCIt’s that time of year again for Air Conditioning Maintenance in Charleston SC! Homeowners and business owners are finally starting to turn their air conditioning units back on after a short, but fierce, winter we had in Charleston SC. So far this April, we have seen temperatures approaching 90 degrees. As the weather keeps heating up, so does the air conditioning business here in Charleston. Below are a few tips to consider when turning that air conditioning unit back on this spring/summer.

  1. Be sure you set your thermostat at a reasonable temperature. 72 degrees is generally accepted as the average temperature homes and businesses should be set at. Setting your thermostat drastically below this temperature will cause your air conditioning unit to work in overdrive to get the temperature to where it needs to be. With our heat and humidity here in Charleston SC, setting the temperature too low oftentimes caused the air conditioning to leak water or enter the Emergency cooling mode.
  2. Have an air conditioning tune up or maintenance done by an air conditioning service company (like us) prior to entering the summer. This is the top advice we give to all Charleston SC residents. For the most part, your air conditioner hasn’t had to work for a few months, only your heating components have had to. By having a tune up or maintenance done on your unit you can find problems before they arise, saving you tons of money.
  3. Have a digital thermostat or smart thermostat installed. Have control of your home comfort by being connected to your home and business temperature on your smartphone. Some of the most popular thermostats we install include the Honeywell Pro 8000 and the Nest thermostat.
  4. Change your filters. It is generally accepted that most filters need to be changed once a month. Dirty air filters can cause damage to your air conditioning unit. If your filters are extremely dirty, it may be time to have a duct cleaning service completed. We are certified and qualified to provide professional duct cleaning which should be completed every 3-5 years to extend the life of your air conditioning unit.
  5. Call us, the best air conditioning company in Charleston SC, should you have any questions about your air conditioning.


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