Air Conditioning Leaking Water

Do you have an air conditioning leaking water in Charleston?

AC Repair Charleston - East Cooper Heating and Air Charleston SCLeaking water from your AC unit is a cause for concern. The dehumidifying process of the air conditioner often causes some condensation, but pooling or leaking water is different. The good news is that you have caught it and may save a ton on money in damages. The bad news is also that you caught it. Now it’s time to find out what may cause an AC leaking water.

1. Pump is Broken

Your condenser pump may be broken. You can test this by pouring water in the condenser pan to see if it can properly pump out the excess. You should consult a professional to determine what the specific source of the problem is.

2. Improperly installed

Many homeowners in Charleston call us for second opinions on an install. Often times, we find that the air conditioning unit was not properly installed and this caused a leak to happen. Be sure you consult a certified professional if you suspect this.

3. Drain Hole is Blocked

We find this many times in homes. Typically, we can fix this in a matter of minutes. Sometimes this can get blocked with dirt or other debris.

4. Air Leakage

If your seals on the air conditioner are not tight, excess warm air can get inside the unit. Our Charleston SC HVAC professionals will diagnose this problem and properly seal all lines to your AC unit to ensure the leaking stops right away.

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