Air Conditioning Charleston SC

Air Conditioning Charleston SC


AC maintenance and AC repair Charleston SCThe summer has arrived in Charleston and so has the busy season for the many of us in the heating and air conditioning business. With record temperatures already reaching much of the Lowcountry, it’s time to consider some energy saving tips regarding your air conditioning unit.

Tip #1

Get your air conditioning inspected! This is the best time of year to have your air conditioner fully inspected and tuned up. Your air conditioner will be your best friend this summer and it will remain your best friend as long as it doesn’t cost you thousands of dollars in energy. Be sure to get it tuned up and cleaned so it will work at maximum efficiency all year.

Tip #2

Set your thermostat! When you are home, set it to a comfortable 72F degrees. When you are away, set it to 78F degrees. A typical air conditioning unit can only cool the house about 20% before it begins to work in overdrive which can cause many problems. If you don’t remember to set your thermostat, consider buying a programmable thermostat and having it installed.

Tip #3

Change your filters! Charleston homeowners who don’t change their filters tend to have the most problems during the summer. Common symptoms of a dirty air filter are: high energy bills, moisture in your drain pan, and a frozen air conditioner blowing warm air. Changing your filter won’t only save you money in energy bills, it will also extend the life of your air conditioner.

Tip #4

Replace your air conditioner with a new one! Air conditioning Charleston SC units have a life expectancy of around 10 years. If your unit is 10 years or older, don’t just fix it, replace it! New standard air conditioners are roughly 30% more efficient due to advances in technology and parts. Heck, you could even buy a high efficiency unit and save hundreds this summer on energy bills. High efficiency is considered 15 SEER and higher (local and federal rebates are available for these units).

Tip #5

Call a certified air conditioning company! There are many companies and people out there that claim they have the training and certifications to work on air conditioning. However, this is just not the case. Certified companies (such as us) are bonded, insured, and trained to work on all brands of air conditioners. Not only do these benefits apply, but we are also manufacturers’ reps and can check on warranties, parts, and costs of equipment.

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