Air Conditioner Brands in Charleston

Buying a new air conditioner is often like buying a new car. There are different brands, motors, parts, and costs associated with each brand. Below you will find the most common air conditioner brands by type of air conditioner in Charleston SC and some information:


Rheem is one of the largest air conditioner manufactures in the United States. They produce both Rheem air conditioners and RUUD air conditioners. They sell a full line of heating and cooling products for residential and commercial applications up to 19.5 SEER Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, Air Handlers, and Package Units. In Charleston, many homeowners install a Rheem/ Ruud air conditioner for the price, reliability, and warranty. These units are what we consider a great option for home and commercial property owner clients who are looking for a “middle of the road” air conditioner. By this we mean that the price is generally average compared to other brands; however, their warranty is superb and reliability is above average. If you plan on staying in a property for less than 10 years or you need an air conditioner for an investment property than a Rheem/ Ruud air conditioner is your best bet.


Carrier has the leading market share (27% USDOE 2008) of air conditioners and heat pumps in the United States. They manufacture air conditioner units under the Carrier name as well as Payne Air Conditioners and Bryant Air Conditioners. They sell units with up to a 21 SEER rating and have a 10-year limited parts warranty. In Charleston, we recommend these units for property owners that are looking for a higher-end product that delivers on efficiency and quality. Depending on the model, many of the Carrier air conditioners have silencing technology in their units. If you are planning on building your dream home or staying in that office building for a long period of time, we recommend that you consider spending the extra money on a Carrier air conditioner.



Many people consider a Trane air conditioner the “Lexus” of air conditioners. By this, they mean that Trane ac units are the highest-end units readily available in Charleston. Trane employs more than 29,000 people and has annual sales of more than $8 billion and also manufactures American Standard air conditioners. Trane is involved in energy conservation and renewable energy projects. Trane offers up to a 20 SEER rated unit and is sought after by people who are looking to spend the extra money on efficiency and reliability. We generally recommend these units for homeowners that are looking to save costs over a 5-10 year period and maintain their unit for extended periods of time.


Aaon air conditioner sells semi-custom heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment for commercial and residential use. Aaon air conditioners are generally the most expensive air conditioners we install in Charleston due to their application for large buildings and plants. We typically only recommend these for very specific commercial and residential properties that need to fill a unique heating and cooling need.

Types of Air Conditioners

Split Systems

The most common type of central air conditioner found in Charleston. The evaporator coil is inside the house and removes heat and moisture from the air. Outside the house is the condenser coil which releases the heat.

Heat pumps

An air conditioner that can work in both directions. During hot summer months, it pumps heat out of the house and releases it outside. In the wintertime, it extracts heat from the outdoor air and uses it to warm the house. Heat pumps can be used effectively for both heating and cooling in mild climates like Charleston.

Packaged central air conditioners

This air conditioner is usually placed on a roof or a concrete slab near the foundation. This type of air conditioner can also be used in small commercial buildings.

Ductless mini-split system

For houses that do not have ductwork, a can be a good choice. Like a basic split system, the ductless mini-split combines an outdoor compressor and condenser with one or more indoor air-handling units.


*Estimated costs are based on the 2013 costs of installation and 1-year installation service warranty of a 2.5-3 ton split a/c unit. For informational purposes only, costs may vary.


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